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This is my first year in robotics. I joined robotics because one of my friends, Taylor Dunlap, told me how great it was and how I would fit right in with the group. This year I started prototyping parts of the robot just making ideas I had in my head out of wood. Then once we got to competitions I was walking around talking to other teams realizing that I was pretty good at it and how important it is to make alliances and become great friends with other teams. Now that we have teamed up with Confidential we are going to start a better marketing team. I am going to join this part of the team for all of the team posting on social media sites and going around to businesses talking about donations and advertisement. Even though I want to be on the marketing team I still want to be working in the robot. Working with tools and putting things together is one of my favorite things to do. Before I joined robotics I wanted to go into is physical therapy when I graduated from high school. Now after this year build season I want to be a mechanic. Joining robotics has change my idea of careers and my out look of what robotics really is.

#KettleFalls #ILookLikeAnEngineer

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