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Finding a Field

About a quarter the way through my senior year of high school I realized how much I was enjoying my Computer Science class. All of my friends in my CS class were enrolled in our schools Robotics club as well. After talking with my friends and my teacher Naomi, she decided to let me join the team late. I was extremely intimidated to be one of the few girls in this class. However, after just a few days I seemed to fit in just fine. The following weekend I was assigned to create our website using HTML which I had never done before, this made me fall in love with web design! Throughout the year I tried many new things from soldering metal to wiring different components of the robot. Flash forward a year and now here I am currently enrolled at Western Washington University planning on studying Computer Science. Going from expecting myself to go to a community college without any certain degree in mind, to knowing exactly what in such a short time was exhilarating. I owe so many thanks to Naomi Edwards and the FRC for making me realize that I really can do anything I put my mind to!

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